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Rollin D. Salisbury

Excerpt from: Social Education Vol. XXI no. 1

     Rollin D. Salisbury (1858-1922): Dean Salisbury organized and headed (1903-1919) the first American university department of geography at the University of Chicago where he taught for 30 years. He helped train many who became leaders in geographic education. Eleven of the 22 who have received the Distinguished Service Award of the N.C.G.T. were classroom students of his; 10 of his students have been president of the Association of American Geographers, and five others have been vice-presidents. Salisbury's high school and college textbooks on physiography had wide significance, as did high school and college texts on geography of which he was the senior author. He supervised several field studies of western mountains, notably on the Bighorns and Uintas. He was co-author of a volume on the paleo-geography of North America, and of a distinguished three-volume treatise on geology. For 30 years, Salisbury was managing editor of the Journal of Geology, which exerted much influence in increasing geomorphological knowlege of the West. Many of his students rated him as their most stimulating teacher.


Examples of Archives Holdings:
       - Addresses
       - Articles
       - Beloit departure
       - Correspondence (1866-1922)
       - Biographical information & sketches
       - Composition book (Nov. 1, 1873)
       - Death
       - Diary (1873)
       - Father's (Daniel) account books (1873)
       - Father's justice records (1843-52)
       - Father's weather records (1851-62)
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