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Robert H. Irrmann

Excerpt from: The Beloit Daily News (December, 12 1981)
'Favorite professor' retires

     Beloit College's "favorite professor," Robert H. Irrmann, delivered his last lecture at the college Friday after 33 years of teaching in Beloit.

     The lecture was delivered in one of the history professor's favorite courses, the Constitutional and Political History of Medieval England.

     Irrmann, a long-standing favorite of the college students and staff, won the teacher of the year award twice, in 1961 and 1973. He served as department chairman from 1960 until his retirement in 1980, after which he continued to teach part-time.

     A 1939 summa cum laude honors graduate of Beloit College, he has served as president of the Beloit Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa and as secretary of the Academic Senate. Irrmann has been college archivist since 1953.

     His specialties in history include the areas of medieval, English, political, constitutional, Tudor, Stuart, and Western history. He also teaches courses on Twentieth Century Europe, Fifteenth Century Europe, the French Revolution and Napolean, the Renaissance and Reformation, and the History of Western Political Thought.

     Irrmann has also served as president of the Beloit Historical Society, the Rock County Historical Society, and has been curator of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin since 1971.


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