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Robert C. Chapin

Excerpt from: Beloit Daily Free Press (Tuesday, September 16, 1913)
President Eaton's Eulogy

     "... Of refined and gifted personality, he early excelled as a student. On his graduation from College, after giving the valedictory, addressing his father who was soon to lay down his responsibilities in the headship of the College, a Veteran trustee whispered to me, 'That young man is a true son of his father.' The remark was a just one, called forth by the clear and balanced thought of the speaker, his graceful bearing, his mature judgment, taste and sense of fitness and proportion..."

     "... Dr. Chapin's studies of social conditions and movements, which had given him a national reputation, and his generous sympathies, fitted him to be a peculiarly valuable citizen of the community in which he lived, and to which he gladly gave any service it was in his power to render..."


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