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Paul H. Nesbitt

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Excerpt from: The Alumnus (Fall 1945)
Accepts Commission

     Accepting a commission as first lieutenant in the army air force to do special desert warfare research, Prof. Paul H. Nesbitt, professor of anthropology and head of the Logan Museum, left the campus in mid-April for Miami for officers' training.

     Prof. Nesbitt came to Beloit in 1930 as a member of the faculty, succeeding Dr. George L. Collie and has been a full professor for several years. He took his doctorate at the University of Chicago, studying there after graduating from Beloit in 1926, and completing his work on a leave of absence.

     Upon completing his training at Miami late in May, Nesbitt went to Elgin field, a new base near Pensacola. Mrs. Nesbitt and the two children are remaining in Beloit.


Examples of Archives Holdings:
       - Correspondence
       - Photographs
       - Publicaitions
       - Survival courses (Artic, tropics, desert)