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Merlin W. Ennis

Excerpt from: Beloit Daily News (October 23, 1964):

     A memorial Service for the Rev. Merlin E.[sic] Ennis, a graduate of Beloit College in the class of 1900, will be held at 10:15 a.m. Sunday in the church at Endeavor, Wis. He died recently at Marblehead, Mass.

     For more than 40 years Mr. Ennis was a missionary to the Ovimbundu people in Portuguese Angola, Africa, and from 1903 to 1904, represented the First Congregational Church of Beloit.

     Beloit College honored Mr. Ennis with an honorary doctor of divinity degree. He and Mrs. Ennis, who predeceased him, lived in Beloit at various times while on furlough, and made many friends here.

     A native of Douglas Center, Wis., Mr. Ennis was a general missionary in Africa for 40 years -- until 1944. A graduate of the Yale divinity school in 1903, he was ordained in Endeavor, Wis. Beloit College awarded him an honorary D.D. in 1922.

     For decades, Mr. Ennis was the missionary especially sponsored by the First Congregational Church of Beloit. He and his wife spent many leaves here and frequently addressed area Congregational church audiences.

     Two years ago he wrote "Umbundu," a collection of folk tales from little known Portuguese Angola.


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