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Lucius C. Porter

Excerpt from: The Beloit Daily News (Tuesday, September 9, 1958)

     Dr. Lucius C. Porter, an authority on China, a distinguished alumnus of Beloit College and a firm believer in the ultimate brotherhood of man, spent most of his active years carrying western Christianity, philosophy and science to Chinese youth, and interpreting to Americans the riches of Chinese philosophy and outlook on life.

     He came of families prominent in religion, education and the foreign mission field. He was born in China of missionary parents. His grandfather, A.L. Chapin, was the first president of Beloit College. After studying at Beloit and Yale Divinity School, he returned to China, where he had lived as a boy, to devote nearly 41 years of his life to Christian education in that country.


Examples of Archives Holdings:
        The Beloit College Archives holds a series of letters circa 1947-1949 from China, which describes the rise of Communism and Chairman Mao and deal with Porter's internment before returning to the United States.

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