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Louis Taylor Merrill

From: Beloit College News Service

     A member of the Beloit faculty since 1938, Dr. L. Taylor Merrill is chairman of the history department. Although attending Beloit for most of his undergraduate college career, he received his bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1920. Merrill earned his master's degree in 1921, also at the University of Wisconsin, and his doctor's degree in 1934 at the University of Chicago.

     Previous to his career in teaching, Merrill was in journalism for 26 years. He began as a reporter for the new-defunct Beloit Free Press in 1912, became a member of the Milwaukee Sentinel staff in 1914, and was chief editorial writer for the Beloit Daily News from 1921 to1932. He also served on the Milwaukee Journal staff. The Beloit history professor was a member of the editorial board of David Lawrence's "United States News" in Washington, D.C. from 1935-38.

     The versatile professor also formerly was paster of the Shopiere (Wis.) Congregational church. He is one of only two people who have been awarded an honorary athletic letter. The other is Vice-president Richard Nixon. Merrill received the award in 1955 for his rabid enthusiasm for the college baseball team, which, in 1955, was brought back into existence after a lapse of 31 years. Merrill served as the team's official scorer.

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