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Jerome D. Davis

Excerpt from: The Beloit Alumnus (December 1910):

     Jerome D. Davis: "... Col. Davis's well known army record need not be repeated here. The captain, who courageously led his men on the bloody battlefield of Shilo and then, terribly mangled, lay there for twelve hours, holding an improvised handkerchief tourniquet on a wound that in most men would have been mortal, needs no further proof of his bravery and of his pluck.

     After completing a theological course Rev. Mr. Davis took a difficult home mission field in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and with the same courage battled for a year or more against the liquor hells and other evils, for which early Cheyenne was so notorious. Then the American Board sent him as a missionary to Japan and his successful career of nearly forty years in that service is recorded in the publication of that board. He had some part in the founding of the Doshisha, the great evangelical college established in Kyoto, the old religious capital of Japan, and has kept in active connection with it ever since. This year, as one of the honored speakers both at the Edinburgh conference and in Boston, he filled those appointments though seriously ill from exposure in Siberia. During this summer, spent at Weld, Maine, heart disease developed. His strong will kept him up until he arrived during the later part of October at the home of Dean E.I. Bosworth, Oberlin. There, after but one week of painful illness, the faithful, tired soldier received his discharge and entered into rest..."

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