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Eike Dornbach

Excerpt from: The Gold, Beloit College Yearbook (1936).

     Born in Berlin in 1915, Eike spent his early youth near Coblenz in the picturesque and historical Rhineland. His father (an artist) owns a country home near the town.

     After attending prep school in Coblenz, he spent six months in Italy, studying Italian schools and students. Then in 1926 Eike became a boy scout and traveled extensively throughout Germany and other European countries, spending another six months at a German labor camp in Silesia--an institution similar to the familiar triple-C outfits of this country.

     The end of 1933 rolled around, and Dornbach enrolled as a freshman at the University of Berlin, where he spent two years studying law books in preparation for entrance into the German Foreign Office. The good news came in September of '35, and the youth found himself on a liner bound for the United States. Beloit was the end of the journey.

     In an interesting little note to the Gold, Eike tells of his plans for the coming summer: "I intend to go West, and then in August, to start a trip around the world."

     His presence on the campus as an exchange student has been as much of a treat for us as for Eike. We've known him as an intelligent, alert, cordial and most democratic young man, and he's proven to us that college men are very much the same, the world over.

Excerpt from: Beloit Magazine (September 1990).

     Eike Dornbach, '37, foreign exchange student from Germany in 1935-6, served in the German army in World War II, became a public accountant after the war and eventually a senior partner in a Koblenz firm; Feb. 25, 1990 in Murnau, near Munich.


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