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W. Bradley Tyrell

Excerpt from: The Beloit Daily News (Tuesday, March 10, 1964)

     W. Bradley Tyrell will be remembered as a man of many talents and great capacity for the needs of people. He was a college administrator and educator, an industrial executive, a devoted churchman, a civic leader and booster for a number of organizations, a citizen with a deep concern for the less fortunate, and a man with an expansive personality and unlimited friendships. Bradley Tyrell got things done, and he came one of a kind.

     Mr. Tyrell had several careers by ordinary standards. He was vice president and production manager of the Delavan Bradley Knitting Co., a Chicago advertising executive, a Beloit College trustee, vice president and interim president during the difficult war years; he participated in the Logan Museum Sahara desert expedition and was decorated by the French government; he headed a California land development company and operated an insurance company.

     And in addition, Mr. Tyrell found the time, the energy, and the interest to head numerous organizations for civic betterment. He had a deep interest in young people, and assisted them in many ways. And his interest in the welfare of others was demonstrated in his work and on behalf of the old Community Chest, the United Givers fund, and biracial groups. People were important to him, and he always had time to listen to their programs and projects, and to lend a hand.

     He was a facile writer of citations, the articulate author of the tenets of Beloit College, a man of ready smile and quick wit, and deep attachments. The college, and its alumni body, were especially important to him, and he did much to bring about a happy understanding between "town and gown" ... the city and the college.

     Every community is saddened by the loss of a citizen of the stature of W. Bradley Tyrell. Beloiters are appreciative of what he has done and what he has meant to all of us, and we must be thankful that he lived and served among us. He was indeed a man of many talents, and an exemplary citizen.


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