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Beloit College Alumni

The Archives has major holdings on these particular alumni.

Alumnus: Birth/Death Dates: Graduation: Accomplishments:
Adams, Raymond W. 1898-1987 1920 Professor of English at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A specialist on Henry David Thoreau.
Andrews, Roy Chapman 1884-1960 1906 Archaeologist; Director of the American Museum of Natural History
Ballard, Lloyd V. 1887-1969 1912 Sociologist and Beloit College Professor, focused on juvenile issues.
Bingham, Walter Van Dyke 1880-1952 1901 Prominent psychologist
Bird, Ethel 1881-1960 1905 YWCA Executive
Blaisdell, J.A. 1867-1957 1889 President of Pomona College
Breon, John 1923-1984 1949 Author

Brown, William Fiske







Family that attended Beloit

Burcalow, William D. 1868-1956 1895 The Archives holds his college scrapbook.
Chamberlin, Thomas C. 1843-1928 1866 Professor of Geology at the University of Chicago, President of the University of Wisconsin.
Chapin, Robert C. 1863-1913 1885 Professor of Economics at Beloit, son of founder Aaron L. Chapin.
Chrischilles, Theo 1889-1981 1908-10 The Archives holds his illustrated diaries from 1908-1910.
Christie, Thomas D. 1843-1921 1871 Missionary, President of St. Paul's College in Tarsus
Collie, George L. 1857-1954 1881 Geologist; professor; author; son of Joseph Collie, first Beloit College graduate. The first curator of the Logan Museum.
Collie, Joseph 1824-1904 1851 Member of the first graduating class at Beloit; Congregational minister and missionary.
Darling, Jay N. (Ding) 1876-1961 1899 Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist.
Davis, Jerome D. 1838-1910 1866 Soldier, missionary, and co-founder of Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan.
Densmore, Benjamin 1831-1913 1851-52 Civil engineer, soldier
Densmore, Hiram D. 1862-1940 1886 Professor of botany, member of the American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science and a member of the American Forestry Association
Dornbach, Eike 1915-1990 -- German exchange student (1935-6), soldier, accountant
Ennis, Merlin 1874-1964 1901 Missionary
Fisher, Lucius G., Jr. 1843-1916 1862 Instrumental in obtaining the Greek casts for the Art Hall
Fisk, John P. 1857-1945 1880 Archives holds several of his diaries, photo album and notebook
Gates, Caleb Frank 1857-1946 1877 Missionary, College President
Hand, Edith 1901- 1923 Archives holds writings, papers, and memorabilia
Huntington, Ellsworth 1876-1947 1897 Geographer and author who specialized in weather and climate.
Hyer, Stanton 1900-1981 1922 Beloit Trustee (1945-1948). Archives holds correspondence regarding Trustees.
Irrmann, Robert H. 1916-1998 1939 Beloit History Professor and archivist.
Kelley, Anne Bassett (Nan) 1883-1972 1907 Teacher, Missionary to China
Kent, Alice -1962 1902 Member of the Amer. Assoc. of University Women, Teacher at Beloit High School
Leavitt, Roger 1861-1949 1882 Author. The Archives holds his Beloit scrapbook.
May, James Boyer 1904-1981 1925 Author, Editor
Merrill, Louis Taylor 1896-1960 1918 Professor, Beloit Faculty (1938-1960)
Miller, Warren 1936- 1960 Cartoonist
Nesbitt, Paul 1904-1985 1926 Beloit professor of Anthropoloy and head of the Logan Museum. Left Beloit for a position in the Army.
Niedecker, Lorine 1903-1970 -- Poet
Nilson, Paul E. 1890-1968 1911 Missionary
Olds, William -- 1898 Composer
Peet, Stephen Denison 1831-1914 1851 Anthropologist and one of the first graduates of Beloit College.
Pond, Alonzo 1861-1986 1918 Archaelogist and assistant curator of the Logan Museum. Author.
Porter, Henry Dwight 1845-1916 1867 Medical Missionary to China.
Porter, Lucius Chapin 1880-1958 1901 Missionary to China.
Raymer, Laurence 1909-1992 1934 Editor of the Beloit Daily News, Senior Lieutenant in the Navy
Rowell, Wilfrid A. 1866-1945 1899 Beloit Dean of the Chapel and trustee.
Salisbury, Rollin D. 1858-1922 1881 Established the Geology department at the University of Chicago.
Sarett, Lew 1888-1954 1911 Poet, lecturer, professor
Schneider, Allan F. -- 1948 Geologist
Schroeder, Daniel 1933- 1955 Beloit Faculty (1963-1996)
Seaver, Esther 1903-1965 1924 Prominent art historian and trustee of Beloit College.
Smith, Arthur Henderson 1845-1932 1867 Civil War veteran and missionary to China
Tyrrell, W. Bradley 1883-1964 1906 Beloit interim president, businessman, and philanthropist.
Weirick, Bessie M. 1891-1963 1914 Beloit College Registrar (1923-1957), Assistant to Registrar (1919-1923) and Associate Professor of Latin
White, Horace 1835-1913 1853 Reporter of the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Famous newspaper editor.
Whiteford, Andrew H. 1913-2006 1937 Beloit Faculty (1943-1974), Director of Logan Museum
Whitney, Katherine Bill 1880-1964 1901 Dean of Women at Beloit (1927-1947)
Wood, Charles 1871-1953 1895 Actor and professor at Tuskegee Institute
Wright, Jacob W. 1871-1950 1893 Newspaper writer
Wright, Theodore L. 1858-1926 1880 Beloit College professor
Young, Michael -- 1969 Archives holds his administrative & High Potential papers
Zwerg, James 1940- 1962 Freedom Rider, Minister