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Administrative Policy Manual

Use the index page at the start of each document to navigate through the document by clicking on the headings. The full manual will be forthcoming soon. Thank you for your patience.

Chapter Title Last Updated
Chapter I Charter and Bylaws of the Board of Trustees of Beloit College 6/13/17
Chapter II The Goals of Beloit College  
Chapter III Members of the College Community and Their Roles 11/3/11
Chapter IV General College Policies 6/15/17
Chapter V General Employment Policies 6/3/16
Chapter VI Special Provisions Governing Faculty Employment 10/4/16
Chapter VII Special Provisions Governing Administrative Staff
Chapter VIII Policies and Procedures Governing Academic Senate,
Divisions, and Departments
Chapter IX General Academic Regulations 11/14/16
Chapter X Academic Regulations Governing Specific Programs 11/25/15

Further policies and procedures related to student life may be found in the Beloit Student Handbook and the Beloit Student Congress Constitution and By-Laws