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Administrative Policy Manual

Use the index page at the start of each document to navigate through the document by clicking on the headings.

Chapter Title Last Updated
Chapter I Charter and Bylaws of the Board of Trustees of Beloit College 6/13/17
Chapter II The Goals of Beloit College  
Chapter III Members of the College Community and Their Roles 11/3/11
Chapter IV General College Policies 10/18/17
Chapter V General Employment Policies 5/31/18
Chapter VI Special Provisions Governing Faculty Employment 10/18/17
Chapter VII Special Provisions Governing Administrative Staff
Chapter VIII Policies and Procedures Governing Academic Senate,
Divisions, and Departments
Chapter IX General Academic Regulations 11/14/16
Chapter X Academic Regulations Governing Specific Programs 11/25/15

Further policies and procedures related to student life may be found in the Beloit Student Handbook and the Beloit Student Congress Constitution and By-Laws