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Honors Theses: Archive from 1978-2017

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  • Crawford, Eben. Utilizing Digital Photogrammetry within an Archaeological and Museological Context
  • Hitchcock, Elizabeth. Sustained Dialogue: Narratives of Change
  • Poyer, Samantha. Fasting, Piety, and Community Membership among Catholics in Dakar, Senegal
  • Rush, Jamison Q. Emerging Queer Perspectives in Gendered Archaeology: A Quantitative Analysis of the Use of Burial Objects in Gender Determination
  • Thern, Emalie. A Women’s Weight Room: Capital as Benefit and Barrier in the College’s Gym


  • Briggs, Mary Fairbank. Cosmo Christians: Evangelicalism as Modern and Cosmopolitan in Seoul, Korea
  • Caves, Meghan. Bioarchaeological Analysis of the Late Woodland Myrick Park Mound Group (47-Lc-10), La Crosse Wisconsin
  • Hernandez, Fabiola. Maternal and Infant Healthcare Resources Matter At The Local Level Too!
  • Moses, Ellen G. Peru As a Case Study
  • Olesch, Dana T. Camelid Designs and Community Dynamics in the Late Intermediate Period Andes (ca. AD 1000-1400)


  • Hoffman, Alicia. The Preferential Application of Maya Blue Pigment on Ceramics as a Signifier of Elite Status and Power
  • James, Emily. "It's Cool to Care": Whiteness, Activism, and Affect in the Liberal Arts


  • Kendall, Elsa. Do You Like Me? College Students' Concept of Self on Facebook
  • Lewis, Rebecca. The Shop around the Corner
  • Rankin, Caitlin. Site Catchment Analysis of Broken Kettle West (13PM25) and Broken Kettle (13PM1)
  • Suchomski, Emilee. Distinction, Discourse, and College Admissions: Marketing a Liberal Arts College
  • Starck, Emily. Teatime in the Trash: Understanding Status, Ethnicity, and Gender at a Mid-Nineteenth Century Archaeological Site (47RO420) in Beloit, Wisconsin


  • Klein, Joseph. Flexible Apes: Orangutans and the Remaking of Environmental Governance in North Sumatra, Indonesia


  • Brinkmeier, Jennifer. Anthropomorphism and Pet Obesity in America
  • Cauthers-Knox, Aurora. The Pre-Clovis Debate: An Ethnographic Study of the Effect of Controversy on Archaeologists


  • Cooper, Catherine. Glass Dating: Diagnostic Uses of 17th Century Archaeological Window Glass
  • Hayes, Kiera. Patterns of Resort in Nzinga, South Africa: An Analysis of the Diverse Influences Affecting Health Care Choices
  • Koenig, Eric. Patterns of Ceramic Deposition and Activity Areas: A Micro-scale Analysis of Structure M-184A at Baking Pot, Belize
  • Makarewicz, Elizabeth. The Language of the Slow Food Movement: Accessing Ideology
  • Walsh-Felz, A.A. Puzzling out Migration in the Andes of Ecuador: Geographical Information Systems (GIS) as an Enrichments Tool for Ethnographic Research


  • Singleton, Katie. Investigating the Link between Spinal Column Morphology and Locomotion Pattern in Primates
  • Weyl, Daniel. Where is Home and How Can I Help You? Anthropological Insight into Iraqi Refugees' Resettlement


  • Bowers, Veronica. An Examination of a Trephinated Skull from Peru


  • Henry, C. Shea. Cow, Pigs, Cats and Yankees: Archaeological Evidence for Animan Use and Disposal in 1850's Beloit, Wisconsin
  • Kellogg, Susanna. Mongolian Pastoralism in the 21st Century: Herder Sustainability through Herding Cooperatives
  • Schaffnit, Susan. The End of Objectivity: The Application of Anthropology to Human Rights
  • Schwartz, Saul. Iowaville in Perspectives: Expansive Ethnohistory at an Ioway Indian Village
  • Smith, Marissa. Between Boas and Marx, Culture and Class: The Ethnography of Vladimir Bogoraz


  • Hoover, Alexandra. Grafitti as Textured Landscape: The Cultural Construction and Neglect of Context
  • Lanni, Carolyn. Teaching Hongkongese: Education and Identity in Hong Kong


  • Bey, Marin J. The Beloit College Mound Group
  • Kassabaum, Megan Crandal. In the Pipe Line: An Examination of the Importance of the Lower Rock River Valley in Hopewell Trade Interactions
  • Macke, Rebecca A. Analysis of Human Remains from Florida Coastal Sites: The Lockwood-Card Collection


  • Burt, Nicole. Working for the Dead, Caring for the Living: My Time at the Rock County Coroner's Office
  • Buzzard, Christy. Fair Trade in the United States: What Can We Learn from Europe?
  • Coleman, Courtney. Bovine Tuberculosis in Maasai Communities of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area
  • Hildebrant, Emily. Pioneer Archaeological Excavation: The Greenshield Site (32OL17)
  • Smolik, Linda. Attest to the Shriek: Moroccan Literature as a Criticism of Society, Represented by Authors from Fes and Marrakech


  • Snell, Ally. Native Tongues: Connections Between Language and Culture Among the Menominee
  • Timm, Mary Elisabeth. My Internship with Jatun Sacha, A Brief Study of a Quichua Community
  • White, Chantel. Epipaleolithic Stone Tool Use: Microwear and Compositional Analyses of Capsian Microblades in the Logan Museum Collection


  • Adelsberger, Katie. Stone Tools and Hominid Behavior
  • Burns, Joshua Logan. The Senpai/Kohai Relationship: Observations at the Kansai Gaidai University Karate Club
  • Hubbard, Amelia R. Sacrificing the Living to Protect Our Past: The Future of the Maasai of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area
  • Truesdell, Nicole. Homicide Investigation: Role of the Forensic Anthropologist


  • Ziegler, Elizabeth. Why the Atlatl? An Analysis on Primitive Technology (A Work in Progress...)


  • Helman, Ivy. Respecting the Sacred in Museums


  • Cohen, Allison L. Family Planning and AIDS Prevention Initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Sociocultural Matrix of Failure and Success


  • Bornstein, Avram S. Cultural Meaning and Social Conflict in Israel
  • Constantine, Joy M. Social Identity Among Soviet Jewish Immigrants: Restrictions and Opportunities in Ethnic Identity Selection
  • Martin, Lauren E. Sociocultural Factors and Fertility Among Urban West African Women: A Preliminary Study
  • Tucker, Erica L. Myth and Manipulation: The Maintenance of Gypsy Identity


  • Martin, Lauren E. The Development of Feminist Anthropology
  • Mickelson, Andrew M. The Development of Ethics in Contemporary Socio-Cultural Anthropology: The Thailand Controversy Examined


  • Bassler, Karen J. Human Group Dynamics: An Observational Study


  • Helfand, Rachel. The Meaning and Role of Christianity in the Lives of Twelve Lutheran Women
  • Raleigh, Charles P. Analysis of the 1591 Colca Valley, Peru, Census


  • Kivikko, Renee. Models of Agricultural Technology Adoption
  • Gartner, William G. Evidence for Metallurgical Activity in the Colca Valley, Peru
  • Picard, Claire M. Ethnopoetics, What is it?
  • Russell, Nichola M. Wife Abuse: A Cultural Analysis


  • Biskowski, Martin. Mathematically Modelling the Urbanization of Southern Mesopotamia
  • Kerr, Laura T. The Question of "Women's Language": A Social Structural Analysis


  • Mason, Keith. The Role of Man in the Pleistocene Extinctions of Large Mammals


  • Ollendorf, Amy. The Kachin of Upper Burma: A Structural Materialist Reinterpretation


  • Metcalf, Lois L. Life Among the Savages: A Study of Freshman Interaction and Friendship in a College Dormitory
  • Pelissier-Wynns, Catherine. Field Study of a Transitional-House for Juvenile Delinquents


  • Montvel-Cohen, Tom. The Rastafari: "I Head Rest with Jah"


  • Bausum, Ann. Appalachian English in Rockbridge County, Virginia