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Reunion Volunteers

Volunteers put the special touch in reunion and are needed to contact classmates and plan class events. Volunteer to ensure your reunion is a success!

Overview of Reunion Volunteering Responsibilities

  • Create and promote a fun and lively weekend!
  • Participate in committee meetings or conference calls to discuss goals, projects, and duties.
  • Promote and support a reunion giving campaign.
  • Write letters, wall posts, and other messages to your classmates.
  • Network with classmates to encourage reunion attendance.
  • Plan class-specific weekend events or activities (Friday night, Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon).
  • Provide "special touches" at class events (memorabilia, speaker, etc.) and greet classmates as they arrive at planned events.
  • Lead by example: register to attend and make your own class gift!

Reunion Volunteers

There are two components to a successful reunion: Outreach and Planning.

Outreach: Attendance and Participation

The number one reason alumni attend their reunion is to see friends. A call, email, letter from a classmate goes a long way towards generating a buzz and ensuring good attendance. Use social media to keep momentum building all year; post updates to your Facebook group or tweet new registrants.

The alumni office will provide class lists with contact information. Also available are calling cards, custom-designed emails and stationary, address labels and postage. 

Reunion Giving Participation

Reunion Giving provides an opportunity for classes to have a direct impact on Beloit College, encouraging increased class participation and gift upgrades. Many classes use the occasion of their reunion to launch or highlight a special class giving project that reflects the interests of the class and also provides essential funding to specific programs and initiatives.

Reunion Giving outreach requires you to encourage fellow classmates to make a gift or pledge to commemorate reunion. Reunion Volunteers help to establish goals and strategies for the solicitation of their classmates. Typical strategies include direct mail campaigns and peer-to-peer solicitations, often via telephone or email.

What to talk about during outreach

  • Review the dates
  • Encourage attendance and early registration
  • Urge classmates to call their friends
  • Review program highlights
    • Friday night event
    • Parade of Classes
    • Alumni Assembly
    • Alumni Luncheon
    • Saturday afternoon activities
    • Saturday night reunion celebration
    • Any other class specific activities
  • Promote reunion giving
  • Direct them to the Reunion website for updates on reunion information and attendance


Plan events and activities that will make your reunion weekend special and unique. Activities can range from a Friday evening class party to a Saturday afternoon frisbee game. You know your era and classmates best--choose activities and events that will be meaningful and fun. Once your events are planned, pick committee members to act as hosts to welcome your classmates and keep the evening flowing.

Program Ideas

The best program ideas are those that allow classmates to reconnect with each other and that draw upon special experiences that the class shared during their college years.

  • Have an "open mic" session to share favorite Beloit stories
  • Invite a faculty member to attend or speak at your class event
  • Create a trivia contest based on your time at Beloit
  • Have an alumni sporting event: soccer, basketball, frisbee golf
  • Create a memorabilia display. Use items from your own collection or visit the College Archives
  • Revive a class tradition or song
  • Ask someone to read your class commencement speech
  • Utilize talents of classmates, ask them to perform at your dinner
  • Create a video or slide show using photos and music
  • Have a contest for "who came the farthest, who has the most children, etc." and give away prizes
  • Do a "class history," report on highlights from each year your class was at Beloit College


Volunteers put the special touch in reunion and are needed to contact classmates and plan class events. Volunteer to ensure your reunion is a success!