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Meet Sandy Rushworth'76

Class Agent and dinosaur lover

Sandy Rushworth'76 












Name: Sandy Rushworth

Class Year: 1976

Hometown: Katy, TX

Occupation: Petroleum Geologist - retired

What's on your bucket list? Visiting Machu Pichu, the Galapagos, Israel and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

What can't you live without? My partner David and dark chocolate

What is your proudest moment? I helped start a Dinosaur Museum with my then 4 year old son called Dinosaur Ridge and Morrison Cabin in Morrison Colorado in 1989.

Favorite meal? Turkish food and Indian Food

Why do you volunteer to be a Class Agent? Beloit College needs alumni to sustain it for future generations.  We can achieve that by keeping up with classmates and reminding them what their Beloit experience meant to them.

How long have you been volunteering for Beloit? 1980

What else do you volunteer for at Beloit or elsewhere? Volunteer recruiter admissions 1980-2003, Interviewer for the Presidential scholarship 1982-1999; Locally I volunteer for the Katy Library, Katy Prairie Conservancy, Katy Heritage Society, Houston Geological Society and Harris County Citizen Emergency Response Team as well as my Homeowners  Association.

Why do you support Beloit financially? I see the value of the liberal arts education I received at Beloit and I want to make that available to new students as well as share my positive experiences at Beloit.

What is your favorite memory of Beloit? Working in the Geology and Natural History Biology labs after hours.

Favorite campus hangout (even if it's no longer here)? Geology Conference room

What about Beloit gets you excited today? Student Symposia

What advice would you give to new Class Agents just starting out?  Keep in touch with Class members especially after a reunion event. I am Facebook Challenged but use social media to stay in touch.  Write personal notes on any fund raising letters you send out.

What else do you want your classmates to know about you? I just retired and I want to keep life-long learning a priority.  I attend lectures at the local museum where I am a volunteer. I also watch great courses on such topics as comparative religion and life in the ancient world.  I love canoeing and camping and participate in lake and river cleanups. My partner and I are training to become Master Naturalists. I try to be involved with young students to interest them in careers in science (usually through dinosaurs, outdoor ecology and oceanography) and I mentor young professionals to help them find jobs in the oil industry.