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Meet Mark Pence'74

Class Agent and former Chamberlin Rat

Mark Pence'74 















Name: Mark Pence

Class Year: 1974

Hometown: Springfield, Illinois

Occupation: Retired. I taught biology and chemistry at the junior college level for 10 years, then spent 24 years in various roles at a computer software/services company.

What’s on your bucket list? More travel, learning to make Daguerreotypes, catching up on some reading.

What can’t you live without? Constant learning, music, and my wonderful wife.

What is your proudest moment? I was involved in convincing the Board of a private school to keep the institution open rather than accept a buyout offer that would have closed the doors. Hearing the result of their vote was probably my proudest moment.

Favorite meal? I'm not sure, but I do know that there's got to be wine involved.

Why do you volunteer to be a Class Agent? My classmates are amazing people. I really enjoy staying in touch with so many of them.

How long have you been volunteering for Beloit? About 30 years in one way or another.

What else do you volunteer for? Lots of places, including the Springfield Area Arts Council, the Springfield Classical Guitar Society, Sister Cities, Sertoma, etc.

Why do you support Beloit financially? Lots of great students, faculty, facilities, and programs means there's a need for lots of financial support.

What is your favorite memory of Beloit? Most of all, my classmates. Then there was Organic Chemistry, the hardest, most intense, and most rewarding class I ever took.

Favorite campus hangout (even if it’s no longer here)? Chamberlin Hall (Chem labs), and the Science Library in Mayer Hall.

What about Beloit gets you excited today? Continuing innovation: the collegiality on campus (between students, and between students and faculty).

What advice would you give to new Class Agents just starting out? Don't try to make the process too hard. You can help with appeals without having to write a masterpiece every time. Keep everything short and sweet, and you'll be fine.