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Meet Lori Rhoades'11

Class Agent and bilingual ELL specialist

Lori Rhoades'11 

















Name: Lori Rhoades

Class Year: 2011

Hometown: Downers Grove, IL

Residing in: Chicago, IL

Occupation: Bilingual ELL Elementary Specialist

Why do you volunteer to be a Class Agent? When it comes to Beloit I do anything and everything that I can. Beloit is one of the places I can call home; why wouldn't I give back?

How long have you been volunteering for Beloit? Since I graduated in 2011

Favorite campus hangout? The quad outside of Pearsons at night has beautiful stars.

What advice would you give to new Class Agents just starting out?  Keep in touch with your class year graduates. Try and get your classmates to give back even if it is $5, every little bit helps.

What else do you want your classmates to know about you? After graduation I started teaching in Bilingual education on the Northshore of Chicago.  While teaching I started a full-time Master's program. I completed my Master's degree in May 2013 and am now working in Bensenville, IL and live in Lakeview, Chicago.