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Meet Alondra Olvera'13

Class Agent and Albus Dumbledore fan

Alondra Olvera'13 









Name: Alondra Olvera  

Class Year: 2013

Hometown: Waukegan, Illinois

Occupation: Graduate Assistant for the Women’s Center at Western Illinois University

What’s on your bucket list? Visiting Finland and staying in a glass Igloo.

What can’t you live without? Currently, I can’t live without being able to keep in contact with people.

What is your favorite memory of Beloit? Standing in front of everyone at Convocation and quoting Dumbledore.

Favorite meal? This is a hard question. Chinese Food is the easiest answer.

Why do you volunteer to be a Class Agent? I volunteer because Beloit is my home. Beloit has helped me become the person I am and has pushed me to think outside of what I believe. I have never been so frustrated, angry, happy, passionate, changed, challenged and supported, than when I am in Beloit and Beloit continues to be around me every day.

What else do you volunteer for (at Beloit or elsewhere)? I volunteer for a Sexual Assault Center in my hometown.

Why do you support Beloit financially? Beloit gave me an opportunity to change and it accepted me. I plan to support Beloit financially to be able to do the same in some capacity to do the same for future students.

Favorite campus hangout? My favorite hang outs were Alpha Sigma Tau and Phi Kappa Psi.

What else do you want your classmates to know about you? Feel free to reach out, especially if we didn’t know each other at school! I doubt a lot of people realized I was in the class of 2013 seeing as I was a transfer student in 2011.