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Meet Christopher Smith'90

Class agent and nomad

Christopher Smith'90  










Name: Rev. Christopher L. Smith

Class Year: 1990

Hometown: Nomadic, now in Greater New York City area

Occupation: Mental Health, Clergy, Writer

What's on your bucket list? This is always active and includes small things (such as currently finishing publication of current primary book and get into regular cycling) through larger things (such as completion of current doctoral degrees and making a trips around world to see friends not seen in years or ever). Of course there have been dream things on the list that may never be accomplished such as flying a helicopter or completion of thirteen degrees or making all the furniture for my home. 

What can't you live without? For me this is less materialistic and more about integrity, faith, respect, connection to others, excellence, obedience to God's yearnings, etc Of course these come after the basics such as water, food, air, etc

What is your proudest moment? There are many moments that I have been proud and most of these have been characterized as small moments within which I have been allowed to be influential in the development of another. 

Favorite meal? Any meal that allows the connection with others. Lately, this has been common through a church dinner but can also be when hosting friends. My favorite meal to fix is chicken a l'Atlantic, a recipe I developed during my years in Wales. 

Why do you volunteer to be a Class Agent? It is a way that I can be of service. It is a way to try and get classmates to think about their giving and to share what is going on in their lives. 

How long have you been volunteering for Beloit? In different capacities since shortly after graduation. 

What else do you volunteer for at Beloit or elsewhere? Currently I'm on the advisory board for the New York City Medical Reserve Corps, on the Permanent Judicial Commission of the Presbytery of New York City having been its moderator and clerk, I'm currently also the emergency services training officer and a chaplain for the Northeast Region of the Air Force Auxiliary.

Why do you support Beloit financially? Beloit played an important part in my development so I want others to continue to benefit.

What is your favorite memory of Beloit? Well, I wonder if we should really reveal what Chamberlin Rats used to get up to late at night in that old building. 

What about Beloit gets you excited today? That Beloit continues to develop so that it is there to help everyone meet the challenges of today. 

What advice would you give to new Class Agents just starting out? Decide where you can start out and have an impact and then build in it. 

What else do you want your classmates to know about you? Periodically I submit updates as news so watch for it. While you are at it, when have you last shared your news with your classmates?