Alumni Association Board

“The Alumni Board is a voice for alumni and connects us to our greater Beloit family.”

Cameron Dieter’16, current Alumni Board member

Meet the members of the Beloit College Alumni Association Board:

Cameron Dieter’16

Cameron Dieter’16

Board President
Portland, Oregon
Project Manager

No matter where I go, no matter what I do, Beloit will always be my home.

Lucy Gray’88

Lucy Gray’88

Board Vice President
Northbrook, Illinois
Education Consultant

Beloit College has been foundational to my life. I am grateful for the education I received as well as for the community I experienced while on campus. To this day, I love learning, connecting to others, and am a perennial idealist!

Kevin Stevens’87

Kevin Stevens’87

Board Secretary
Antioch, Illinois

Beloit continues to encourage my curiosity… after all these years!

Bengisu Abramsky’93

Bengisu Erenli Abramsky’93

Houston, Texas
Business Optimization

The liberal arts education offered at Beloit College opens minds which, in turn, opens doors and new paths one doesn’t even imagine when first setting out on their career. Beloit is where I learned I could pursue my varied interests as far as I wanted to take each of them, and the only limitation to how far I got was my priorities and effort. This “I can” attitude helped me throughout my life. Beloit College quite literally changes lives.

Brienne Adams’08

Brienne Adams’08

Washington, D.C.
Assistant Professor of Black Studies, Georgetown University

Beloit College has shaped so much of my personal and professional life. From my time as a Beloit College Help Yourself Programs student from the 4th through 12th grade, my time as a McNair Scholar, and working for the college, I have strong ties to the college and the community. I am glad to serve in this capacity with my fellow Beloiters!

Eleanor Chiquoine’76

Eleanor Chiquoine’76

Reedsburg, Wisconsin
Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity (retired)

It’s a fantastic place to get an education, and to get launched into the world!

Bryant Conkling’12 profile photo.

Bryant Conkling’12

Washington, D.C.
Health Policy and Government Relations

My liberal arts education at Beloit College broadened my perspective and cultivated a lifelong passion for learning, critical thinking, and social responsibility. The rigorous and supportive academic environment encouraged me to explore various fields of study, and develop a well-rounded intellectual foundation. My experiences at Beloit, including a life-changing study abroad semester, not only honed my analytical and communication skills but also instilled a lifelong commitment to make a difference in my community.

Mary Doud’69 Profile Photo

Mary Doud’69

Kalamazoo, Michigan
Deputy Director, Kalamazoo Public Library (retired)

At Beloit College, I expanded my worldview, gained critical thinking skills, stretched my potential, and forged enduring friendships. Thanks to the Beloit Plan, I held three “field term” jobs—in New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. I understand that the Beloit experience today is more career-centric than in my time. Nonetheless, I believe its capacity to foster intellectual curiosity, broad-mindedness, and a hospitality to differences remains Boundless.

Laura Grube’08

Laura Grube’08

Faculty Liason
Beloit, Wisconsin
Associate Professor of Economics

I know that a Beloit College education is transformative, and I’m proud to be a part of the college as a faculty member and member of the Alumni Board Association.

Jishnu Guha’13

Jishnu Guha’13

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Beloit enabled me to acquire the tools needed to pursue the multi-faceted career path in the arts that I set out on early in my college career.

Ellen Huizenga Henert’70 profile photo.

Ellen Huizenga Henert’70

DeForest, Wisconsin
Retired Media Specialist

Beloit College was a part of my life from an early age. My Mom, grandparents, and other family members were alums, and my great-grandfather was a professor. On visits to Wisconsin we would always visit campus. What made me choose Beloit in 1966 was the Beloit Plan—combining the small residential liberal arts experience (including close relationships with professors) with the chance to experience an off-campus field term. My interest in 2024 is in ensuring alumni support for Beloit, in maintaining the core experience that offers an education that prepares them for productive lives as citizens of our dynamic world.

Victoria Herring’70

Victoria Herring’70

Des Moines, Iowa
Retired Attorney; Fine Art Photographer

It was a formative experience for me, and I especially like it’s view of the liberal arts, life-long learning, curiosity and education. Much of what I became over the years is because of Beloit and what it instilled in me.

Calago Hipps’15

Calago Hipps’15

Dallas, Texas
Instructional Literacy Coach/Adjunct Professor

Beloit gave me the tools necessary to succeed in any industry, as well as the passion and self awareness to know serving others was my purpose.

Anu Hittle’86

Lirio (Anukriti) Hittle’86

Washington, D.C.
State Government Official

Beloit gave me the safe intellectual and emotional space I needed to create and flourish, and become a global citizen.

Phil Kraemer’88

Philip Kraemer’88

Tallahassee, Florida
Security Trainer/Adjunct Professor

Beloit made me who I am today. Everyone should have a college experience like Beloit can provide.

Linda Materna’70

Linda Materna’70

Lawrenceville, New Jersey and Nashville, Tennessee
Retired Professor Emerita of Spanish, Rider University

Beloit is precious to me, and I am dedicated to its prosperity. The College shaped my worldview, leading me to see myself as a citizen of the world, obligated to live not only for my own advantage but also for the wellbeing of others and the planet. Beloit also deepened my love of learning. It taught me to think creatively, outside the box, and with an interdisciplinary approach. I gained at the College the knowledge and skills to succeed professionally and solve real life problems. Finally, it taught me the importance of dedication to community in giving life meaning and purpose. I am deeply grateful.

Bob Miller’89 profile photo.

Bob Miller’89

Genoa City, Wisconsin
Product Services Manager

What do you do when an institution has made a significant impact on your life? You give back! That is why I’m proud to be a member of the Beloit Alumni Board. My associations at Beloit connected me to my wife and my career. The critical thinking that I learned at Beloit shaped my life and gave me the tools I needed to be successful. Beloit also helped me hone my personal skills. As a result, I have built a network of lifelong friendships both in and out of my Beloit circle. These relationships impact me in immeasurable ways. For example, I recently made great strides in my battle with my esophageal cancer. It’s these relationships that helped me find the best treatments and surgeons. Now I can continue to focus on giving back.

Jessie Pechmann’09

Jessie Pechmann’09

Salt Lake City, Utah

I love Beloit because it is a place that cultivates an interest in learning and a curiosity in the world. While at Beloit, I learned how to problem solve and work with a diverse and passionate set of people. I was also given the space to find my own skills and interests. While studying abroad my junior year, I learned Geographic Information Systems (GIS). With that skill, and the foundation I gained at Beloit in communication, critical thinking, and just a plain interest in everything, I’ve been able to use my liberal arts education as a basis for an interdisciplinary career in STEM, working in the public and humanitarian sectors. All Beloiters I have met have such interesting stories, and it’s an inspiring community.

Emily Quinn’10

Emily Quinn’10

Orange County, California
Human Resources Consultant and Job Coach

Beloit College is unlike any other. The experiences I had, in and out of the classroom, shaped my life in ways I didn’t anticipate when I visited campus the first time!

Geoff Schultz’70 profile photo.

Geoff Schultz’70

Delaware, Ohio
Professor Emeritus, Purdue University Northwest

Critical to my Beloit years was an internship in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco. It was there I worked at a psychiatric halfway-house for eight months—an experience designed to show what I might do with my psychology degree. It was a life-changing experience in many ways. Unfortunately, after graduation, I had trouble finding a job—even bartending for a while in a “singles bar” in Chicago. However, it was my Beloit internship which inspired me to apply for a position as a teacher in a classroom of children with autism—a job I would hold for eight years. Eventually, I entered a doctoral program in psychology, focusing on disability studies, and putting me on a path to a 42-year academic career. I just retired from Purdue University. Without Beloit, I might still be tending bar.

Zak Williams’97 profile photo.

Zak Williams’97

Duluth, Minnesota
Political Consultant

Beloit for me was about opportunities, and I believe as alumni we have to help create those same opportunities for Beloit students today. I would not be who I am today without Beloit, and I want everyone to feel the same way as I do.

Craig Wolgemuth’88

St. Louis Park, Minnesota
Senior Consultant, Healthcare Software and Solutions Firm

My Beloit College experience was a transformative one, instilling in me an insatiable curiosity, desire for lifelong learning, and an expanded worldview. In addition to coursework (or in part, as a result of it), I honed my skills in communicating, critical thinking, relating to others, and adapting to a constantly changing world… all while having a great time, creating lifelong relationships (including my spouse) and memories!

Hannah Yee’19

Hannah Yee’19

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Public Health Specialist

I loved the education I received from Beloit and the long-lasting connections and friendships I made. Beloit College has amazing professors that care for their students, provides many opportunities for students to become involved in the broader community, and the students care deeply for social justice and activism.

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