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Turtles All The Way Down

David Birdwell'94 and Jamey Brumfield'92 celebrating Reunion.

When David Birdwell’94 and Jamey Brumfield’92 aren’t designing websites and marketing plans for their clients, they always stay connected to Beloit. They have a vibrant relationship with their College: participating in the alumni association, giving to the Annual Fund, hosting and attending events, mentoring students, and are volunteer admins with fellow Beloiters, Sally’81 & Rich Sheinberg’80, working together on keeping the Beloit College Alumni Facebook group active. They are constant supporters in every way.

(Re)Connecting Alumni

Keeping and forming new connections with the smart, driven, compassionate, unique, talented people you met at Beloit is valuable and can be a challenge once your are off campus. Alumni connections can help you make new friends, further your career goals, and even find a place to live while you are in graduate school like Aimee Oda’16.

Beloiters thrive when they are together, whether at work or play. Here at the Alumni Office, it is our goal to help you maintain the bonds you made and forge new ones. We make sure the good that comes from being part of our community does not end with Commencement.

What have you been up to?

Have you moved to a new city? Do you have a new job? Are you going by a different name? Have you stopped looking at that old email account?

Please take a moment to update Beloit College with your info.

Having accurate information allows us to keep you up to date about the College, let you know about events in your area, and connect you with other alumni as well as current and prospective students. It is the glue that keeps our network strong!


Beloit College sustainability

Discovering a Career in Sustainability

Three alums shared their stories of applying Beloit College education to their sustainability professions.

Kidan Araya’13

Kidan Araya’13 YAA

Kidan Araya’13 has been recognized for her commitment and work as an internationally respected policy strategist and communications consultant with expertise in climate and energy policy, national security, and privacy policy.  


Dawn Sturdevant Baum’98 DSC

Dawn Baum’98 has been recognized for her outsized impact on her communities, at Beloit and across the globe. She was a leading lawyer on issues of concern to Indigenous nations and a highly-regarded advocate for Indigenous peoples and climate justice. 


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