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We are number one

December 1, 2011

A report from the Annapolis Group (a consortium of selective liberal arts colleges of which Beloit is a member) suggests that liberal arts colleges are the best in the higher education business at providing their graduates with a relevant and rewarding educational experience.

As their press release puts it:

“When it comes to getting a first job out of college, gaining admission to graduate school, or generally preparing to meet life’s challenges, graduates of residential liberal arts colleges give their college experience higher marks than do graduates of private or public universities.”

The study’s authors (the research firm Hardwick Day) surveyed graduates across a wide range of ages in both 2002 and this year, asking how they’d rate their college experience based on a number of variables. The report shows that graduates of liberal arts colleges, whatever their age, generally rated their college experience and outcomes higher than did peers from private universities, public universities, and flagship institutions.

You can view the group’s complete findings online.