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Honorary Alumni

Awarded by the Alumni Association Board of Directors, based on nominations received by any interested parties (not restricted to alumni). Candidates for honorary membership in the Beloit College Alumni Association must meet at least two of the following requirements:
* Longevity of College service
* Service to the Alumni Association
* Exceptional service to the College (e.g, instrumental in the direction of the College, recognition as an outstanding educator, etc.)

Nomination Deadline: August 31

Honorary Alumnus/Alumna

I'd like to nominate someone.

In alphabetical order:

Roxie Alexander
Carl Balson
Franklin Boggs
Ed Brunrom
Harry Davis
Edward DeGeorge
Anne Dyson, M.D.
Victor Emilson
Milton Feder
Victor Ferrall, Jr.
William Flanagan
Menno Froese
Natalia Gage
John Gwin
Robert Hodge
Roger Hull
Karen Kavanaugh
William Knapton
Emil Kreider
Bart 'Keck' Kunny
John Laing
Thomas N. Mathers
Lester McAllister
Thomas McBride
Warner E. Mills, Jr.
Harry Moore
Robert Nicholls
Douglas Nicoll
Martha Peterson
Nicholas Paley
Robert Salzer
Eudora Shepherd
Linda Smith
Brock Spencer
Marion Stocking
Margaret Herreid Stotz
Jack Street
June Upton
R. Miller Upton
Harold R. Wilde
Vaughan Williams
Henry Woodard