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Stillman Wright

Class of 1921

As one of the many chemistry students of  Professor E.G. Smith who became interested in water and marine life,  you have gone on to a distinguished career in that field and now, returning to your alma mater for the Fortieth Anniversary of your graduation, find a limnologist laboratory named in memory of your mentor.

Following your study of biology and the obtaining of a Ph. D. degree at the University of Wisconsin, you made extensive studies in the field of limnology in Brazil and Argentina and, in our own country, of Lake Erie.  Your papers and books in this field have been widely recognized. 

Since joining the United States Bureau of Fisheries in 1927, you have achieved distinction in conservation work, recognized in 1955 with your appointment as Chief of the Office of Foreign Activities of the Fish and Wildlife Service of the Department of the Interior.

In recognition of your outstanding accomplishments in a professional field so long identified with Beloit College, your alma mater now proudly and happily awards you this Distinguished Service Citation.