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Wilda June Dailey

Class of 1937

Award in1987

You credit the Beloit faculty for providing both the influence to develop the two themes – “To Do and To Teach” – you believe are essential to a good life and the raw material from which you fashioned your own, not only in work but also in leisure. It was a College recommendation that launched your career in social service with the American Red Cross in 1943 and eventual enrollment in the master’s program in psychiatric social work at the University of Chicago. You spent 34 years with United Charities of Chicago, the city’s oldest social agency, advancing from caseworker to major supervisory and administrative duties, including your final assignment as director of personnel. Along the way you trained the first paraprofessional staff; supervised a special experimental office in combining legal and family service and student training; presented papers and conducted institutes and seminars throughout the nation; and rewrote the agency’s personnel manual. And when you retired in 1982, it was to a busy life – one filled with church, play-production and hospital volunteer activity, travel, and certification in the four-year Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults. Beloit College recognizes your diversified achievements and your demonstration of how good, full, and useful one’s life can be by awarding you this Distinguished Service Citation on the occasion of your 50th Class Reunion.