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Marta Sutton Weeks

Class of 1951

Marta Sutton Weeks, class of 1951 has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to the enrichment of the mind and of the spirit.  After attending Beloit for two years, she completed he undergraduate degree at Stanford.  She has served as a trustee of both Beloit College and the University of Miami, and has established endowments in support of students and faculty at all of her affiliated institutions.  Her strong affection for Beloit, her hospitality for Beloiters in her home in Florida, and her admiration for Beloit’s faculty and professors such as Ralph Huffer and David Stocking, have never waned.  Her belief that she should always share whatever she has, led her ten years ago to pursue ordination in the Episcopal Church.  “Its how you use what you’ve got that counts,” she says, and she has, through her spirituality and generosity, used her resources well.

While women priests in the Anglican tradition are no longer unusual, she was among the first.  But nobody appeared surprised when she packed up and went back to graduate school to get her divinity degree, after nearly 40 years away from the books.  We are honored to share our admiration and respect for a daughter of Beloit, and pleased to present Marta Sutton Weeks the 2001 Distinguished Service Citation, the highest honor of the Beloit College Alumni Association.