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Walter E. Duka

Class of 1960

Awarded in 1985

Newspapering…government…advertising…broadcasting…more government – that’s how you describe your varied but interesting career in communications. From reporter for two New Jersey papers to assistant city editor of the Washington Post; from information officer for President Johnson’s consumer advisor to public affairs executive at Young & Rubicam; from information manager of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to associate press secretary in the Carter White House -- you’ve been “where the action is.” And you still are, working with the US Postal Service, where you’ve spent the past decade as an assistant postmaster general, first for communications and now for international affairs. You admit handling numerous ordinary tasks, but you’ve also done some extraordinary things…like being party to history-making events in Washington, doing battle with media giants, walking the Great Wall of China, and debating Russians at an international congress. It is with great pride that Beloit College acknowledges your significant professional achievements by awarding you this Distinguished Service Citation.