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Veronica Bunk Gayle

Class of 1951

Awarded in 1976

Activist mother of eight who praises her alma mater for its emphasis on learning and service, you have served your community of Rockford in exemplary fashion for 25 years.  Your varied career has affected all ages ranging from preschool to adult education, from teaching Spanish to elementary and high school students to giving instruction in political organization.  Director of the St. James Head Start/Home Start Center, you have made a positive impact as president of the League of Women Voters, Action Missionary Force and City Panhellenic; as vice president of the Community School Caucus; as chairman of Project LEARN and the Education Task Force of the Forward Rockford Congress, and as a spirited participant in programs promoting teacher development, downtown renewal, crisis intervention, ecumenical and inter-racial cooperation and qualified candidates of both political parties.  As former Alumni Trustee and vice president–elect of the Alumni Association, you continue to boost our college, which honors your humanitarian achievements by presenting you the Distinguished Service Citation on the Silver Anniversary of your Class Commencement.