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Velma Bell Hamilton

Class of 1930

Awarded in 1965

As you return to a familiar campus where you received your degree thirty-five years ago with Phi Beta Kappa Honors, Beloit College is mindful of the indebtedness it has to you – not only as an example of a good citizen who makes the world a better place, but as the mother of two graduates whose lives of service give promise of equaling your own. The first of your race to win membership in the College’s oldest honor society, you went on for further study and an advanced degree at the University of Wisconsin. You have taught for many years at the Vocational and Adult Educational School. You have been honored by appointment to the Governor’s Commission on Human Rights and the Wisconsin Commission for Children and Youth. Your activities in those and in other groups were recognized by the Newspaper Guild of Madison which named you Madison Citizen of the Year accolading you as “The kind of good citizen and good mother who makes our democracy flourish and grow stronger.” You have served your fellow alumni on the Alumni Council as its Vice President. They now join with Beloit College at large in awarding you this Distinguished Service Citation with gratitude and affection.