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Ardis Candy Tolstedt

Class of 1946

Psychiatrist  -- Youth Adviser

Daughter of Beloit alumni, you serve your fellow man as a physician-psychiatrist and as a teacher of and adviser to youth.  After completing your studies here and earning a master’s and medical degrees at the University of Wisconsin, you initially were assigned as staff physician at tuberculosis sanitariums in Chicago and Seattle.  Your psychiatric residency in a combined program at the Veterans Administration Hospital and the University of Washington in Seattle carried over into six years of professional experience and as a clinical instructor. In private practice at the Quin and Ramstad Clinic in Bismarck, North Dakota, since 1963, you are hospital chief-of-staff in psychiatry and secretary for the state branch of the American Psychiatric Association.  Cofounder of Charles L Hall Youth Services, an agency assisting teen-age Indians, you again are chairman of its board.  You also have been a Girl Scout trainer and consultant.  In testimony of your accomplishments in helping people, Beloit proudly honors you with this Distinguished Service Citation.