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Thomas C. Pinney

Class of 1954

Awarded in 1984

An authority on 19th century fiction and critical prose, Victorian poetry, and early modern-English literature, you are a scholar of international renown – at the top of your field because of your superb six-volume edition of the letters of Thomas Babington Macaulay. You have published three other books on Macaulay, plus Essays of George Eliot and A Short Handbook and Style Sheet, and you have forthcoming two works on Rudyard Kipling, with another on his letters in process and a fourth on his life projected. Author of articles and reviews in leading professional journals, you also write on the subject of American wine, strictly as a hobby but in a serious way. You reveal that your first class as a Beloit freshman, with the late Fred White, was decisive in your career, for you knew then you would be an English professor in a small college. And that is what you’ve done, having joined in 1962 the faculty at Pomona College, where you are now department chairman. You also teach at the Claremont Graduate School. Beloit proudly acknowledges your demonstrated commitment to excellence in higher education and your scholarly achievements by presenting you this Distinguished Service Citation.