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Barbara Ellett Taylor

Class of 1943

Civic Leader – Trustee

In applying to Beloit, your expressed a desire to become “the best kind of citizen” through the broad intellectual and experiential exposure you expected a liberal arts education to provide.  You obviously learned your lessons well, because you have given selflessly of your efforts, time and talent to your community, the state of Wisconsin, and our Alma Mater.  You have retained a passionate interest in education, serving as president twice during 13 years of the Portage School Board, as chairman of the Joint Committee on Education in Wisconsin, and as a member of the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Higher Education in Wisconsin, the Board of Visitors of the University of Wisconsin Center System, the State Higher Education Aids Board, and the Friends of WHA-TV Board.  Your involvement in Beloit College affairs has intensified, not only through a past term as an Alumni Trustee and current service as an elected member of the Board of Trustees, but also as you and your alumnus husband have observed four of your six children complete a Beloit education.  Heading the list of your civic achievements are service as three-term president and 15-year member of the Wisconsin Youth Symphonies Board and as long-term member of the Portage Library Board.  Beloit College acknowledges your demonstrated commitment to education and your fidelity to its high standards by presenting you this Citation.