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Paul Stitt

Class of 1962

For 25 years, this Beloit biology and chemistry major has been making life safe and flavorful for tens of thousands of people.  Paul Stitt of the class of 1962 is a man who pursued his belief in quality, by building a baking business that has provided wholesomeness and nutrition.  At Beloit, he learned independence and confidence, inquisitiveness and perseverance, and he has used these character traits to raise a business from scratch.  In addition to the flowering of Natural Ovens Bakery, he has devoted himself to the study and development of new nutritional food ingredients.  He has also shown his Beloit inventiveness as the author of two books, Beating the Food Giants, drawn from his experience working for major food companies, and Why George Should Eat Broccoli, a recipe for health and political success.  With his wife Barbara, they have shared a passion for improving the quality of life for children through their Nutritional Resource Foundation.

As he has been honored frequently by state, regional, and national organizations, Beloit College is today proud to confer upon him our highest recognition, The Distinguished Service Citation.