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Stanley York

Class of 1953

Awarded in 1978
25th Reunion Award

Your varied career as a clergyman, political leader, state official, and senior homes spokesman has significantly affected the lives of Wisconsin citizens over the past 25 years. A Beloit history major, you also hold a bachelor of divinity degree from Andover Newton Theological School. You spent 13 years as a United Church of Christ minister before entering the political arena in 1966 during your pastorate in River Falls and winning election to the State Assembly. Appointed in 1970 as a commissioner in the Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations, you later became executive secretary of the Wisconsin Republican Party. Governor Lucey, a Democrat, summoned you during the 1973 fuel crisis for service as the state’s first energy assistance director, a position you held until your selection as executive director of the Wisconsin Association of Homes for the Aging. You have provided leadership for three hospital boards and numerous youth programs. In recognition of your contributions to public service, your alma mater proudly awards you this Citation as your classmates convene here for their Silver Reunion anniversary.