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Shamshad Rashid

Class of 1985

Awarded in 2010
25th Reunion Award

The average temperature in Beloit in October is 61 degrees Fahrenheit. Dubai, in October, averages nearly 96. What about January? Dubai: 75. Beloit…26.5. Beloit is a long way from Dubai.

But it was an intrepid young woman from Dubai who sought to learn more about the world; who in 1981 chose to expand her horizons beyond her comfort zone and came to Beloit, Wisconsin for college. And so what does a Beloiter look like, many may ask? Beloit College is proud to say she looks like Shamshad Rashid.

Shams came to Beloit and embraced it, earning degrees in international relations and economics and management before getting an M.B.A. in marketing and finance from University of Chicago. What is particularly noteworthy about Shams is that she almost immediately sought to give back to Beloit as an alumna, taking part in Econ Day, serving on the Board of Trustees, establishing the Feder-Kreider Scholarship, and much more.

Her ability to give back to the college is fueled by her soaring success in business, as co-founder of a break-away success dot-com and now in her work as founder and CEO of FORSA, a company located in Dubai that provides investment opportunities for highly successful women in the region—and whose own businesses represent billions of dollars worth of assets. Clearly, Shams has an eye for seeing a successful prospect, backing it, and growing it to greater heights.

So it is with great honor and pride that we welcome Shams back to autumn in Wisconsin at Beloit College and recognize her with our highest honor, the Beloit College Distinguished Service Citation.