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Roswell K. Boutwell

Class of 1939

Awarded in 1974

Inspired by your late father Paul and his colleagues in Beloit’s Chemistry Department, you have devoted a lifetime to the scientific battle against mankind’s most serious and puzzling diseases. Your research had concentrated on the chemicals that cause cancer and on the fundamental problem of how carcinogenic substances act on the cell to prompt tumor formation. Professor of oncology at the University of Wisconsin, from which you have master’s and doctorate degrees, you are associated with its prestigious McArdle Laboratory and credited with early studies linking smoking to cancer. You currently hold such significant assignments as associate editor of Cancer Research, chairman of the American Cancer Society’s Advisory Committee on Institutional Grants and member of National Academy of Science and National Cancer Institute committees. You also have been a consultant to the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency. Because your exemplary humanistic concerns and service represent the highest fulfillment of Beloit’s goals, the College proudly awards you this Disintguished Service Citation.