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Charles Darwin Rosa

Class of 1898

Charles Darwin Rosa, salutatorian of  the Class of 1898, now returning for the 60th anniversary of that graduation.

Judge, Tax Expert, Public Servant

Your many years of service to the state and to the community have brought honor to Beloit College as to yourself.

As a member of the Wisconsin Tax Commission from 1921 to 1937 you worked for reform of the tax structure of the state with such success that other states called on you for advice and help;

As the first municipal judge of the City of Beloit you established a tradition of fairness and mercy;

You have served your alma mater in many ways, including the teaching of commercial and business law for eight years without compensation.

Your later endeavors in agriculture and other fields have been recognized and honored; it is now the happy privilege of Beloit College to salute your and present you with this Distinguished Service Citation.