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Sara Moore Robinson

Class of 1959

You praise your Beloit learning experience for preparing you to enter new fields of endeavor without hesitation and for helping you maintain a curious and lively interest in other people and their problems.  Since your graduation, you have received a law degree from Catholic University and combined productive careers in government, education and consulting service.  You received your introduction to the world of partisan politics as secretary for the 1960 Wisconsin “Humphrey for President” campaign, and then spent 16 years as an aide to Congressman Henry Reuss.  Now a partner with your husband in a consulting service specializing in educational and legislative affairs, you attracted among your first clients such varied institutions as Boston, Case-Western Reserve and George Washington Universities, the U. S. House Select Committee on Congressional Operations and Zambian President Kaunda.  You have been an adjunct member of the Boston University political science faculty and a frequent lecturer at executive seminars, founder and president of a halfway house for women in Washington, a United Way director, and Episcopal Church leader.  Beloit College acknowledges with pride your professional and civic achievements and your high regard for independent liberal arts education by awarding you this Distinguished Service Citation.