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Robert H. Beeby

Class of 1953

Awarded in 1984

Although 35 years have passed since you arrived on this campus to prepare for a career in industrial design, you now are the corporate epitome of today’s “Pepsi Generation.” Following graduation, naval aviation service and employment as a Proctor & Gamble brand manager, you joined Glendinning Associates, the nation’s largest marketing consulting organization, as a consultant…and three years later became its president. In 1972, you were named executive assistant to the president of PepsiCo, Inc., where your advance in the executive structure has been just as rapid and impressive. You served as a divisional senior vice president, first of PepsiCo International and then of Frito-Lay. You returned to PepsiCo International in 1979, this time as president, and, except for a brief period as head of the parent firm’s Wilson Sporting Goods Company, continue in that post. As chief executive officer, you are responsible for international operations approaching one billion dollars in sales and for 17,400 employees worldwide. In recognition of your dynamic, creative and effective business leadership and your strong ongoing interest in and support of your Alma Mater, Beloit College proudly awards you this Distinguished Service Citation.