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Alonzo W. Pond

Class of 1918

A man of many talents, you are recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on deserts.  Much of your early anthropological training was in the College Museum, which you later were to serve as associate curator and as leader of four expeditions into North Africa and the Sahara.  Your diversified  career covers service as an archeologist with alumnus Roy Chapman Andrews’ historic Gobi Desert expedition, as explorer of remote areas in the American Southwest, as director of Cave of the Mounds, as chief of the desert branch at the Air University’s Arctic-Desert-Tropical Information Center and as owner-operator of Wisconsin Gardens tourist attraction until your retirement a decade ago.  A prolific author who has been listed in each edition of Who’s Who in America since 1932, you continue to write popular and scientific articles on archeology, travel, natural history, ethnology, and geography for leading magazines and newspapers.  In recognition of your scholarly interest in mankind and your outstanding achievements, Beloit College takes pleasure in presenting you this Distinguished Service Citation.