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Phee Boon Kang

Class of 1973

Awarded in 2002

When the Malaysian born Phee Boon Kang came to Beloit in the early seventies, the concept of internationalism was still in its formative stages in American higher education.  The new paths he paced at Beloit as a physics and economics major; at MIT’s Sloan School as a graduate student in computer- based management information systems; and in banking an international finance – have opened new opportunities for this nation and particularly for students at Beloit.

For Beloit undergraduates, he has provided advice and counsel and scholarship support; for the faculty he has encouraged the use of technology through the Phee Boon Kang Prize for Innovation in Technology –Based Instruction.  As he has developed overseas markets for major American financial institutions, he has helped to make Beloit a known entity throughout East Asia.  He has inspired countless students – international and American born – to aspire to high standards of quality independent thinking, and vision that he holds critical to success.

As a trustee of Beloit College for the past decade, he has helped the college focus its role as a global institution.  A man of the Beloit Plan era, he has celebrated his life’s work as “one long field term.”  We are honored today to confer upon Phee Boon Kang of the class of t 1973, the Alumni Associations highest honor, The Distinguished Service Citation.