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Pete Kostantacos

pk_dsc07.jpgClass of 1948

Awarded in 2007
At Large Award

Peter Kostantacos is a member of that honored band we now recognize as “The Greatest Generation.” He was one of those who entered Beloit College only to be drawn into the armed services, serving for two years in World War II in the Army Air Corps. He returned to become one of Dolph Stanley’s stars of the basketball court and president of Sigma Chi. He proved to be the kind of person who takes the ball and runs with it and his team, in response, made him their captain. He was the recipient of the President’s Award at graduation and was elected to address his class at commencement. In his life since graduating from Beloit 60 years ago, he has demonstrated resiliency, flexibility, and staying power, be it in the legal profession or in his support of Beloit College. He told classmates six decades ago that he was leaving Beloit with a feeling of gratitude and indebtedness for what Beloit had given him to live with─not on. Today, with that same spirit of gratitude and appreciation, we thank him for his service to our country and his support of our college, and for serving as a proud symbol for Beloit graduates everywhere. We are honored to present him with the Alumni Association Distinguished Service Citation.