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John D Payne

Class of 1959

Artist – University Administrator

You are an imaginative artist who has the reputation of making good things happen at Governors State University in south suburban Chicago, where you are sculptor-in-residence and coordinator of fine and performing arts in the College of Cultural Studies.  You played a major role in the development of the monumental abstract metal exhibit entitled “The Sculptor, the Campus and the Prairie,” and outdoor project which won 1977 “group show” honors from the Chicago Art Awards Committee.  Your gifted hands, working in harmony with a creative mind, also have fashioned prize-winning paintings,  graphics and water colors and have made possible your numerous one man shows and placement of works in prominent collections throughout the nation.  A teacher whose current interest lies in the area of plastics and their use with other media in sculpture, you strive to make the study and appreciation of art in general and the creation of art in particular an exciting part of your students’ lives.  It is with special pride that Beloit College welcomes you back to your home town and to your Alma Mater today.  In recognition of your professional achievements and unique artistry, we present you with this Distinguished Service Citation at the 20th Reunion of your Class.