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John Henry Nair

Giving Day

Today is Giving Day! Make a gift, spread the word, and help Be the Change for Beloit College!

Class of 1915

Research Scientist – Business Man

You are one of a long line of Beloit alumni who became inspired on this campus to devote a lifetime to food and water research, and thus improve the health and well being of mankind.  You have directed research for numerous world-famous organizations in the food industry.  You have been president of the American Institute of Chemists and the Associated Research Directors.  You have been a director-at-large of the American Chemical Society and you were chairman of that society’s 75th anniversary celebration, instrumental in raising funds for its Washington headquarters.  Beloit College has been honored, as have you, by your recent election to the presidency of the Institute of Food Technologists, an international organization of far-reaching importance.  In 1958, your Alma Mater officially recognized your accomplishments and service by awarding you an honorary Doctor of Science degree.  Your fellow alumni chose you to be their Alumni Trustee and now have joined with the College to award you this Distinguished Service Citation.