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Michael J. Koss

Class of 1976

Awarded in 2001
25th Reunion Award

Michael J. Koss, class of 1976, is a symbol of the quality of the liberal arts education we offer. He has indicated that everything he needed to know for his impressive success in business, he learned in anthropology at Beloit. He has served his family business as CEO, served the College through his philanthropy and as chair of the Board of Trustees, taken a leading role in the advancement of symphony orchestras, and had guided an international organization of young executives as president.  Despite a hectic international schedule, he has a relaxed style that calms all around him as he works out solutions to intriguing and complex problems.

His anthropology background has been cited in USA TODAY as the hot asset for corporate leadership in the business world. He has inspired public confidence in Koss Corporation, through his media appearances, including offering astute business analysis on CNBC television and by providing the contents of his shoulder bag – demonstrating the necessary tools of the modern executive – for editorial scrutiny on the business pages of the New York Times.

He has never relied on conventional solutions or routine answers, but rather has sought to invent himself over and over again, working outside the box to develop new solutions, markets, and concepts as needed. In gratitude for the leadership he has provided Beloit College as a member and chair of the Board of Trustees, as a valued advisor to the leadership of the College, and as an example to generations of graduates, the Beloit College Alumni Association is proud to confer upon Michael J. Koss its highest distinction, the Distinguished Service Citation.