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June Bjorklund Martin

Class of 1940

Awarded in 1970

Little did you realize that the so-called “temporary political research job” you accepted in 1944 would open the door to a career which 26 years later finds you heralded as an acknowledged expert on the programs of New York State government. It was at Beloit that you first developed an interest in economics – an interest which netted you both a degree and a husband who earlier was one of your instructors. You have touched several major stepping stones in the New York state executive and legislative branches: as a budget division research member, as creator-employee-director of the Office of Legislative Research, and as government consultant to and later director of the Women’s Unit, Office of the Secretary to the Governor. Sixteen months ago, you were appointed the first director of the Standing Committee Central Staff of the State Assembly, a professional unit designed to assist in the development of legislation. Also noteworthy are your advisory roles to the Commerce Department women’s program and to the State College of Home Economics. In recognition of these accomplishments and of your devoted attention to duty, your Alma Mater is pleased and honored to award you this Distinguished Service Citation.