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John A. Grande

Class of 1952

Awarded in 1977

Your distinguished teaching and administrative abilities have benefited all levels of education. You credit your Beloit professors – particularly Chad Walsh – for significantly influencing your intellectual development and spiritual growth. Your broad experience and impressive credentials include scholarly honors and a doctorate in higher education from the University of Southern California and, since 1972, the presidency of Glendale Community College. You have completed major studies on college governance that have been used by the California chancellor’s office in developing legislation affecting community college administration. Your keen understanding of community concerns and needs has earned you well deserved civic recognition for your efforts in church, YMCA, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Symphony Association and Little League activities. Beloit College proudly recognizes your devotion to higher learning and academic excellence by presenting you this Distinguished Service Citation as your class gathers on campus to celebrate its 25th Reunion.