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John Pasquin'67

Class of 1967

Awarded in 2017
50th Reunion Award

The Beloit College Alumni Association is pleased to award the Distinguished Service Citation to John Pasquin, class of 1967, on this, his 50th Reunion.

John Pasquin is known for his unique perspective. An award-winning director, he can count among his accomplishments a variety of television and film projects that have become instant classics, including Home Improvement, Roseanne, Last Man Standing, The Santa Clause, and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous. But his “eye” is the direct result of a liberal arts in practice education. During his first year at Beloit, the history-turned-theatre-major found Kirk Denmark, a renowned theatre director and professor.

It was through Denmark and during the summers between his first and sophomore years that his perspective changed. He converted his history major into a theatre major and began to act and direct, working at the Court Theatre while finishing his degree.

Switching his focus from acting to directing, Pasquin attended Carnegie Mellon University, receiving a master’s degree in fine arts in 1969. From there, he taught at the university before leaving to direct theatre and eventually moving into television and film.

John credits Beloit for nothing less than teaching him how to think. Despite his change in major, he often draws on the concepts of philosophy and history to express his vision, providing much needed context to his ideas.

Through the years, he has also generously given back to Beloit’s theatre program, with the majority of funds directed to updating equipment.

For having the foresight to find his own meaning and direct the way, the Alumni Association is pleased to award John Pasquin with its highest honor: the Distinguished Service Citation.