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Joseph Kobylka

joekobylka_dscaward.jpgClass of 1951

Awarded in 2006
At Large Award

Joe Kobylka of the class of 1951 embodies the history, the energy, and the pride of this institution. He is the voice of the athletic programs, the spirit of its alumni, and an inspiration for a generation that has followed him in service to the College, whether it is in Middle College, the Sports Center, Alumni House, or the classroom. An English major who transferred to Beloit in 1949 from junior college, he has been devoted to Beloit, its students, graduates, and especially its newcomers. His friendly reporting style and careful editing, not to mention his encyclopedic knowledge of every event and graduate of most of the past century, and his dynamic story telling ability, have enriched the lives of all of us in Beloit--both town and gown. The strong and positive relationship that exists between the College and the city is largely the result of foundations set by Joe Kobylka as reporter, community leader, and volunteer ambassador--both in the official red coat and with the unofficial handshake. Beloit has indeed been fortunate for 55 years to have its traditions and its destiny shaped by such a caring and dedicated servant of alma mater. We have thanked and honored Joe in the past but it is appropriate, at this 55th reunion of his class, to acknowledge Joe’s service with the Distinguished Service Citation, the highest award presented by the Beloit College Alumni Association that he has loved and served so well.